Taste the Difference

We make everything on our menu from scratch, grilling over hardwood, not gas, the way that it was done a long time ago.

At Austin’s we pride ourselves on cooking fresh cuts of meat and seafood on the glowing embers of a wood fire grill at both our Brecksville and Mayfield Village locations.

Wood Fire

It is difficult to compare wood fire cooking with cooking on a modern stove because the woodfire grill is so much more than a place to cook. The firelight casts its spell over the room and infuses everything cooked on the grill with a touch of magic.

Food cooked on a wood fire grill tastes differently than food cooked on a gas stove or on an electric stove. The flavors from searing and caramelization are captured and developed in the cooking process whether in fast grilling or slow roasting in a wood-fired oven. The food’s moisture is held inside and released at the end when you cut into it just before serving the main reason for this is because the taste of the wood leaches into the food while it is being cooked. The way that this happens is that when the wood is burned, it releases energy and particles of wood. When that air from the fire reaches the cooking food, it adds additional flavors to the food. Wood flavor affects the food’s taste due to the science of cooking. When something gets heated, the molecules move faster. When the heat and energy is moved into the food, it starts to change the molecules in the food and cooks it. When the heat and energy come from wood, the flavor of the wood will work its way into the food during cooking

Wood Fire Grill

Flavors of Wood

There are many different flavors of wood used in cooking with wood stoves. Many people choose the type of wood to burn depending on the flavor that it will give to the food. The most notable food cooked in this way is barbecue meat. There are many different kinds of flavors that can be achieved only through the process of cooking with wood. The best kinds of wood to use for cooking are mesquite, oak, maple, pecan, hickory, cherry and apple.