Sense the History

At Austin’s, we’ve been cooking the old fashioned way since 1994.

Austin's history

This photo, circa 1920’s, is of my family’s first hospitality establishment on Old Dallas Road at our Waco Texas home site. The place was called “Bateman’s Store and Saloon.”

It was founded by my great grandfather, he is the small man in the bow-tie, waist coat and dark trousers. His name was Council Mason Bateman. He was known to his friends as “C.M.” or “Bud.” The little girl next to him is my grandmother Reed. She was always hanging around Bateman’s and was well loved by the patrons.

I have always been inspired by my great grandfather and my grandmother – the Texas heritage of my family. They knew quality and friendly service was at the heart of hospitality success. Here at Austin’s, we’ve been cooking the old fashioned way since 1994. We start by having the freshest and finest ingredients we can find delivered to our kitchen every day of the week. We make everything on our menu from scratch using time tested recipes, grilling over hardwood fire, the way that it was done a long time ago. 

Because we want each meal you enjoy with us to be a memorable and delicious one. Our team works hard preparing each dish to order, smoking ribs, filleting fresh fish, hand cutting steaks, preparing a variety of homemade soups daily, and baking our fresh breads and deserts.

 It’s a difference you can taste, and one I hope you will keep coming back for. Our patrons deserve the best, and we will always insist on a level of quality and service that helps us deserve you.

– Dan

Dan Campbell, Founder of Austin’s Wood Fire Restaurants